RBSF Press Release #1 2021

The 2021 Camperdown Robert Burns Scottish Festival is moving with the times – and leading from the front! Festival Chairperson Dr John Menzies OAM said, “Skills acquired through Covid necessities saw the virtual 2020 festival launched on line.  This received national and international praise so now a virtual component with international contributions will be an integral part of this years `in person’ festival.”

In responding to this interest from afar the organising committee has set up a dialogue with festivals in Scotland  -Ayr`s Tamfest-New Zealand- Dunedin`s Robbie Rocks festival, America- the American Scottish  Foundation which organises New York`s Tartan Festival, and the Robert Burns World Federation.

There have been valuable exchanges of ideas which will benefit our festival.

One key feature of this international collaboration is that Robert Burns’ legacy is relevant worldwide. A fundamental belief of the Camperdown committee is that while we are contributing to our local Australian culture that has imported/colonial features it is most important that we respect the culture of the first people of Australia and engage.  

Dr. Menzies said,   “Locally we are most fortunate to have the legacy of that pioneering Scot James Dawson whose championing of Aboriginal cause in the 19th Century is a benchmark for the 21st Century. It is a happy coincidence that his son-in-law William Taylor gifted the 1831 Greenshields statue of Robert Burns to the Camperdown Community which has been the inspiration for the present Robert Burns Scottish Festival. It has been insightful for us to learn how our New Zealand friends balance and incorporate Maori culture into their Robert Burns celebrations”.

The organising Committee`s program is well advanced with commitments to participate received from favourite musicians, dancers, lecturers, and schools.

The 2021 Camperdown Robert Burns Scottish Festival is shaping up to be a knockout that no one will want to miss.  Program details will be released very soon. 

For further information please visit the Robert Burns Scottish Festival website https://camperdownburnsfestival.com.au and our facebook.com/robertburnsfestival

For further details contact — Catherine O’Flynn, Festival Co-ordinator on 0407 056 126